Principle Areas of Expertise

Technological System Risk Assessment and Management

  • Development of project risk management plans and processes.
  • Development and application of Probabilistic Risk Assessment (PRA) methods.
  • Quantification of industrial risks in the nuclear, aerospace, chemical process and storage, and information systems industries.
  • Deterministic simulation and probabilistic modeling of industrial risks and hazards.

Software Dependability and Safety Analysis

  • Integrated safety and reliability analysis of engineering systems (aerospace systems, nuclear plants, etc.) controlled by digital processors and software.
  • Risk analysis and security analysis of computer-based information systems and networks.

Decision Support and Expert Software Systems

  • Development and application of expert systems, automated reasoning, and other specialized software techniques for automated process management (real-time monitoring, diagnosis and decision support functions) of complex engineering systems.
  • Development of expert systems combining deterministic phenomenology with probabilistic modeling techniques in areas of industrial safety, instrumentation and control.

Human Reliability and Organizational Factors Analysis

  • Qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the impact of organizational characteristics and work processes on engineering systems risk.
  • Models for group decision-making processes in engineering system environments under both normal and abnormal operating conditions.